Philip Hough


I have been interested in photography from a very early age, using 35 mm film and currently, I've now upgraded my Camera Equipment to Fuji two XT-4's bodies , with a wide range of lenses .

I used my skill as part of my college education, studying Construction and the Built Environment, which led me through to a BA Architecture Degree.  During this time, I grew in my knowledge of camera and the power of the lens. I also completed a Mentorship Programme for one year at the B.B.C. in Manchester, learning more about the television and film industry and the use of the camera in film making.

In widening my experiences, I enjoy travelling to Europe, USA and Canada and of course, around my home base of the U.K. 

My joy is capturing moments in time, never to be experienced again and I hope, through my pictures, you can also share these special glimpses.

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