Our Services

We offer a wide range of photographic images with on-location shots in the United Kingdom And Various Parts of the World. These images are not computer enhanced or altered and that is what sets first film productions apart from other photography studios, We do offer photographs in Colour or Black and White.

You will See that We Cover a very diverse collection of images to give you the widest choice on one website. We hope that each of our photographs is a testament to the involvement between The Camera and the subject. We also offer the opportunity for Sittings for Single or family photographs. All our equipment is portable and we look forward to working with you to plan the session.

Photography Portraits / Shoots , theme ?

including the rental of a studio and a photo shoot

2 hrs . = £110 to £210 ..  a longer time will have to be discussed in advance due to booking .

including editing and post production

price's may be negotiated depending if there is a paid model on location ..

please email me at : philiphoughphotography@yahoo.com


Re-touching & editing

Just found Old Images Around The House ?

If you need them retouching / editing / digitizing, i.e making digital for you, I can do this. if you just need Images Retouching & Editing please email your images directly to me at  philiphoughphotography@yahoo.com    The cost is between £15 to £25 per hour.


Editing MiniDV / Burning or just Digital ?

If Anyone would like a Minidv Tape put on to DVD i.e burnt rates : a straight burning of a tape = £40 (£40 = this also is to change the tape to any filename i.e avi or mpeg4 .)

To include Editing the tape as well = £80 per mindv tape adding of titles if needed and to remove jump/scratch marks, if the person so wishes. Please get in contact via my contact page.

To simply just change a Minidv Tape to Digital format and forwarded to yourself .. £15



Do you need VHS putting on DVD ?

I have the availability of Editing on None Copyright protected VHS. I'm able to straight burn on None Copyright VHS on to DVD before the Picture Corrodes.

I'm based in the U.K, so mainly would appreciate U.K. work. Please contact me through my website with details.

The cost per DVD is £3 within the UK. Postage within the UK is from £8.  , if the Tape has worn and so will not record direct to dvd  , it will take time it cost's £10 for 2 , £5 for 1  , I will use my Camcorder and record of the TV . Cost is more if you live outside the EU due to postage of the VHS tapes etc.

Cost for work from abroad would be higher due to postage costs.